What is Showit? 

Showit is your creative playground for building captivating websites, minus the coding headaches. It's like a user-friendly canvas where you can design your site visually, perfect for beginners who want full customization without any coding skills. For Showit users, it's a tool that transforms your ideas into a personalized online presence.

What Platform can I use this template on?

Exclusivity is the name of the game! These templates are tailored to dance exclusively on the Showit stage, enveloped in the spotlight of innovation and artistry that only Showit can offer.

How much can I really customize this template?

Prepare for full creative control! Our templates are versatile starting points that you can mold into your unique online space. You're not limited by templates; you're the captain of customization.

Do these designs work with WordPress?

No they do not integrate with Wordpress However you Showit will integrate your blog. If you need any more info take a look at this.

Do these designs integrate with Kajabi?

With Showit, you can have a shop through an integration via Kajabi, ThriveCart, Thinkific, or Shopify Lite (and others)!

Do these designs integrate with Shopify?

Shopify integration isn't a built-in feature, but here's the deal – you can strategically add "buy buttons" to your website, creating a seamless shopping experience.

Can I change the fonts and colors?

Absolutely! You're in charge of the visual symphony. Adjust colors and fonts to align perfectly with your brand, making your website truly yours.

Are the fonts included? How about the photos?

We exclusively use free Google fonts, and all our picture are from Pexels. However to make your website truly stand out we advise you add as many personal branding images as you can!! 

How will I access my design?

Accessing your design is as easy as unlocking a treasure chest. We'll provide you with a Key Code, and with a few simple steps, your design will seamlessly become a part of your Showit space. Read this article for more information. 

Do you offer any customer support?

Absolutely! Reach out to us at colecreativestudio@gmail.com for assistance. And remember, the Showit team is there to help too, ensuring you're never alone on this journey.